Ledige stillinger ved Mjørud AS 

Ledige stillinger
Det er for tiden ingen ledige stillinger ved Mjørud AS eller
Mjørud Moss Varmeteknikk AS

Oppdatert: 04.01.18

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Mjørud AS is a leading supplier of technology to the energy industries, delivering complete projects to onshore and offshore installations.

We are located in modern premises Rudskogen Industrial Park, in Rakkestad Østfold. The company has contracting, engineering and product develoment-department, supporting a large mechanical workshop and extensive site service capability. We currently have 120 full time employees and in 2013 had a turnover of NOK 273 million.

Mjørud AS core business is based on environmental equipment and systems for offshore and onshore gas turbine applications, Our activities include design, engineering, fabrication, testing and site installation. Our typical customers are Norwegian and foreign energy companies, and the Mjørud AS product range is supplied world wide.