Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems

Mjørud as primarily supplies high integrity gas turbine exhaust ducting systems on offshore platform and onshore plants.


Our exhaust duct systems are of unique and robust design, usually circular, with internal insulation and lining all designed and supplied to meet specific customer requirements.

All our ducting and lining systems are normally produced in stainless steel, but can also be designed and manufactured in other materials .
Insulation of non carcinogenic type.
The internally  lined duct system can be designed to provide both thermal insulation and silencer duties.
Systems support are individualy adapted for each installation.
Exhaust system can be designed with < 70 ˚ C surface temperature.
Specially designed joints are used in all flanged Connections.
Fixing systems for linings are of unique flexible, non-welded configuration, allowing free expansion and easy mainetance.
Our lined ducting system is well proven with good reference since 2000.

Pictures from various installations:

Exhaust System for Statoil Sleipner A Platform 

Engineering Model of  Exhaust System delivered to Statoil's Gullfaks A Platform

Exhaust System for Copno Ekofisk J Platform

Mounting Exhaust System on Copno's Ekofisk J Platform

Ekofisk J  platform - Showing expansion bellow and transition ducting over the gas turbine enclosure.

Typical Mjørud GT exhaust gas collector

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