Mjørud designs and manufactures high quality, durable products suitable for location in extreme environments  for both offshore and onshore locations. Typical products are shown below.

  A model of a typical offshore Gas Turbine off engine system, complete with air inlet system, enclosure, exhaust system with stack, WHRU, multi louvre damper and bypass.
Mjørud AS can supply new turn-key systems or retrofit / upgrade solutions. 
See also: Engineering Services 
  Model of a complex turbine exhaust and steam boiler system.   
   The picture shows a completed WHRU tube bundle assembly  
   Multi Loure Damper`s (MLD)  - Mjørud design in cooperation with DTL. See function here:  
  Internally lined exhaust ducts. Mjørud standard designs available in various diameters with supports, transitions, bends and stacks - customised to suit customer layout.  
   Flexible expansion bellows - Typical bellow for a  GT  exhaust duct Ø2200 mm  
   Various types of GT exhaust gas collector - model for an LM6000 Turbine shown above  

Transport and handling tools

  Various DNV 2.7.1 approved Turbine transport and storage containers (nitrogen pressurized), facility for shock log movement monitoring can be included (The picture shows a GE LM2500+ DLE gas turbine container)  

  DLE Gas Turbine Container  
 Gas Turbine Container

 Power Turbine Container

Monitoring and inspection window
Aluminium Turbine Trolley
Split Trolley arrangement
  Customised lifting and handling equipment for gas turbine units.   See also Engineering Services  

Other products

   Gas Turbine exhaust Flow Enhancer  Filter house with Anti-ice system  
  These are selected Mjørud AS products, we also offer manufacturing services for customer products and systems.