References for our main products / installations.

The pictures and articles show selected installations. 

Open Mjørud refernce list
Open Mjørud Moss Varmeteknikk reference list

Reference Articles


Complex exhaust and steam system
Delivered for mounting on Eldfisk E Platform
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A selection of our main Customers
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Waste Heat Recovery Unit System
Installed on Statoil Gullfaks A Platform
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Turbine trolley
Mjørud’s turbine trolleys are designed for safe transport, maintenance handling and storage of gas turbines.

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems
Mjørud as primarily supplies high integrity gas turbine exhaust ducting systems on offshore platform and onshore plants.


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Air Inlet System
Mjørud AS has supplied air inlet systems for ~150 gas turbines offshore for various GT manufacterers e.g.: General Electric, Solar, Rolls Royce.
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