Boiler Service

Mjørud Moss Varmeteknikk - Service and upgrading of existing boiler plant

Picture show typical replacement of superheater

Mjørud Moss Varmeteknikk offers all kind of service and upgrading of existing boiler plant.

Our engineers and service personell have long experience in visual inspections and testing of boiler plants. We have equipment and expertise for measuring thickness of boiler tubes. In cooperation with certified inspection companies, we carry out NDT check of drums, headers and boiler pressure parts. If crack indications are found, normally we will be able to repair these, either by grinding of the cracks are shallow, or by grinding and welding when the cracks are deep. In either case we have long experience and approved procedures for this type of repairs.

On a daily basis our personnel carry out repairs and manufacturing of new pressure parts for existing plants, such as superheaters, economisers, evaporator tube banks and air pre-heaters.

We have certified welders and welding procedures suitable for almostany type of work on pressure parts and steam boilers. We have also excellent relationships with suppliers of boiler tubes and material. Generally we are able to obtain necessary materials at a reasonable price on short notice.

Normally we have a fair amount of the most commonly used boiler tube dimensions at our workshop in Rudskogen. All with necessary certification, ready for immediate delivery.