Production Equipment

Mjørud AS og Mjørud Moss Varmeteknikk AS-ISO 9001-3834.pdfMjørud AS uses modern production equipment, and fabrication is carried out by skilled and qualified employees. 
The new in-house workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. 


Main Machines / Equipment

Bystronic CNC Laser cutting mahcine:
6 kw up to 20 mm thickness, 2000x4000 plate
Material: Carbon steel, Aluminium and Stainless steel. 

Vacuum lifting yoke 2000kg

Hitachi Seiki VS 50:
X axis 990 mm, Y axis 500 mm, Z axis 450 mm.
With 4.axis Round feeder and Tailstock 

HAAS CNC Vertical Milling Machine:
X axis 2134mm, Y axis 1016mm, Z axis 762mm with Mastercam 3D 4XWith 4.axis Round feeder and Tailstock

Hitachi Seiki HG 400 III. Horisontal Milling Machine:
X axis500 mm, Y axis 500 mm, Z axis 500 mm.


Max weight chuck 220 kg distance 100 til 200mm out from chuck.
Max dia. Ø635 mm over cross slide. Length capacity: 1080mm

Proking Manual Lathe:

Ø1500 mm, Length capacity 300 mm.
Ø780 mm, Length capacity 3000 mm.

Colchester Manual Lathe:

Max dia. Ø220 mm over cross slide, Ø360 mm over bed.
Length capacity: 600mm.

LVD CNC Press Brakes:

8 aksis, L 4000mm, 320 tonne capacity

LVD CNC Press Brakes:

PPEB – EFL 400 – 40  400 tonne. capacity
e.g 30 mm plate up to L1500 mm - V-block up to 200 mm 

LVD Sheat Metal Shears:

4000mm x13mm.

Sheat Metal Plate roller:

4 Roller L 2000mm for 8mm Sheat Metal thickness.

Sheat Metal Plate roller:

4 Roller L 2000mm for 16 mm Sheat Metal thickness.

Heat Threatment - Electrical:

L 4500mm, B 3500mm, H 3000mm, 16 interval up to 700 °C

Additional equipment 

Rumble machine Type ERBA.

Bomar Bandsaw typ 280 and 320.

Geka Profile Shearing Machine. 80/A 

Lissmac SBM-L1000. Sheat Metal Deburring - thickness up to 50 mm.

Hydraulic Press electrical and manual.

Drill Press machine Model ZN 5032 A Capacity Ø32mm.

Casanova Profile Roller. FC 2  130.


40 Welding machines
Fronius Transpuls Synergy 4000
Fronius Magic Wave 2000/4000
Universal Robot Weld - UR10

17 Round feeder table
Jigs capasity up to 20 t
Dia Ø 500 up to Ø 3000 mm

Various accesories.
Acetylen/Oksygen/Plasma burners
Belt sanders
Relevant Hand tools e.g.
Qualified welding for various materials:
Stainless steel
Carbon steel

Stock & Transport 

Ample space for storage inside in our 17000 m2 fabrication building, 9 m free heigt. Outside storage area approximately 100 000 m2. 

Loading Vehicles:     

4 fork-lift of capasity 3 to 10 ton
One 7,5 tonne capacity lorry 

We offer storage area for rental on enquiry.
Easy acces roads to E6 / E18 and harbour in Fredrikstad city

Finishing Threatment 

Painting, hot dip galvanising and other surface theatment in cooperation with qualified and certified subcontractors.

Cad / Customer drawings

For fabrication we can edit or use direct:
CAD drawing / modelling in various file formats e.g.- 
Inventor, Autocad, DWG, DXF, IGES, SAT og Mastercam 3D og STEP. 

Qualified work in accorddance with:

ISO 9001-2008 / ISO 3834-2: 2006.
EN 1090-1:2009 / A1:2011

Open Mjørud AS Iso sertificat.pdf

Bystronic 6 kw laser cutting machine

LVD CNC Press Brakes - 400 tonne capacity- See video for heavy operation

Mjørud has lot of equipment for LVD Press Brakes

Heat Threatment with process logging - up to 700 gr.C - 16 possible intervalls in program area.

Extensive welding capacity

Some of our Machinery equipment

Round feeder tables for welding and mounting

Equipment to produce complex assemblies

Good crane capacity