Mjørud is supplier of the most robust Gas turbine container available on the marked. 

Mjørud Gas turbine container is built to protect the Gas Turbine against damages during transport and against corrosion during long term storage.  Built-in shock absorbing elements, gas tight construction, pressurised with nitrogen and electronic shock monitoring systems ensures safe transport and storage of your Gas Turbine. 

  • All stainless steel.
  • Various DNV 2.7.1 approved Turbine transport and storage containers (Nitrogen pressurized), shock log movement monitoring can be included (The picture shows a GE LM2500+ DLE gas turbine container) 
  • Special Turbine Trolleys for various turbine configurations e.g LM2500 / LM2500+ / LM6000
  • Also special handlingtools for lifting and mounting of turbine and related equipment.