Field inspection service.

  • General Visual and Thermographic inspection.
  • Multi discipline estimation, planning and work packages.
  • Innovative participation in studies, focusing on optimization of product integration, assembling and Interfaces.
  • Safety and HSE planning.
  • Focus on safe methods’ and strategies to reduce down time on operating plant.
  • Inspection programs with criticality analyses and acceptance criteria.
  • Field measurement and preassembly of systems and critical parts.
  • Planning of complex lifting and rigging operations.

Field installation service

  • Coordination of personal, equipment, lifting gear, deliveries and return of redundant materials.
  • Safe work analysis and work order/permit administration.
  • Management and coordination  of all disciplines.
  • Progress and HSE reporting in all operations.
  • Complex crane and rigging operations.
  • Installation and operation of various specialized lifting and skidding arrangements.
  • Mechanical completion and commissioning.
  • Testing and follow up offshore activity.
  • Support, guidance and synergy with customers.


Bilde av tool container...

Field installation container
The picture shows one off Mjørud`s  DNV approved offshore containers with necessary special tools and equipment for assembly and installation of products and systems offshore. 
The containers provide safe and effective storage and control of installation equipment supporting well planned timeschedules and cost effective procedures.