Mjørud designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of industrial heat exchangers. These include boiler components such as superheaters, evaporators, economisers and air pre-heaters, as well as free-standing shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

We use software from HTRI to perform thermal calculations or, if relevant, base the specifications on previously supplied heat exchangers. Strength calculations are performed in accordance with NS-EN 12952 or NS-EN 13445, but can also be adapted for compliance with ASME or DNV rules.

Mjørud have extensive experience dealing with high pressure and high temperature systems. Accordingly we are also very familiar with the extremely stringent regulatory environment. We can of course also make heat exchangers for low pressure environments. Most of our heat exchangers are fabricated from either carbon/composite steel or from stainless/acid-proof steel. We have also supplied seawater heat exchangers with CuNi pipes.