Field inspection service

  • General Visual and Thermographic inspection.
  • Multi discipline estimation, planning and work packages.
  • Innovative participation in studies, focusing on optimization of product integration, assembling and Interfaces.
  • Safety and HSE planning.
  • Focus on safe methods’ and strategies to reduce down time on operating plant.
  • Inspection programs with criticality analyses and acceptance criteria.
  • Field measurement and preassembly of systems and critical parts.
  • Planning of complex lifting and rigging operations.




Field installation service

  • Coordination of personal, equipment, lifting gear, deliveries and return of redundant materials.
  • Safe work analysis and work order/permit administration.
  • Management and coordination  of all disciplines.
  • Progress and HSE reporting in all operations.
  • Complex crane and rigging operations.
  • Installation and operation of various specialized lifting and skidding arrangements.
  • Mechanical completion and commissioning.
  • Testing and follow up offshore activity.
  • Support, guidance and synergy with customers.

Installation related focus:

  • HSE
  • A-Standard
  • APOS
  • Synergy
  • Detail planning

Installation related focus

Field installation container

  • A Mjørud DNV approved offshore container with necessary special tools and equipment for assembly and installation of products and systems offshore. 
  • The containers provide safe and effective storage and control of installation equipment supporting well planned timeschedules and cost effective procedures.

Offshore container